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Dancers Edge Competition Teams
Dancers Edge has a stellar reputation in the dance industry. And it's not just for our acts, choreography and technique. Our Competition Teams regularly receive spirit awards for helping backstage and going the extra mile to support everyone - including opposing teams. Dancers Edge teaches that competing isn't just about getting the highest score; it's also about the importance of good sportsmanship. This outlook is just one of the things that sets our dancers apart.
Click HERE to learn more about our Competition Teams.

Combination Classes
Our combination classes teach basic technique in ballet, tap, and tumbling while incorporating creative props and movement, parachutes, etc. to promote coordination and balance. Dancers Edge combination classes are offered in a fun and exciting environment and are available for ages 2 through 6.

Ballet training includes strength and conditioning as well as barre work and center floor work. Pointe classes are also available. Ballet is offered on several levels for ages 6 and up. For ages 2-6, basic ballet technique is part of the combination classes.

Jazz is sometimes known as "modern" dance... or "jazz ballet." It is used primarily in Musical theatre, TV commercials and Music Videos. Jazz, like many takes some of its technique from Classical Ballet. Jazz is offered for boys and girls ages 6 and up as individual or combination classes.

Lyrical-Modern classes combine the styles of ballet, jazz and contemporary to explore interpretation and grace. As the name suggests, Lyrical dance uses the lyrics of the music as inspiration to express emotion and gesture.

Tap is a form of dance created from metal plates attached to both the ball and heel of a dancer's shoe. Tap uses varying rhythmical patterns and can be performed to a wide variety of musical styles. Tap is offered to students ages 6 and up. For students ages 6 and under, tap is part of the combination classes (described above).

Hip Hop classes teach students the latest styles of pop and lock, gliding and breaking as well as the latest street and free-style moves and freezes. In addition to our regular hip hop classes, Dancers Edge has special boys-only classes.

Pilates is a workout regimen that emphasizes proper breathing, correct spinal alignment and flowing movement. The quality of movement is combined with proper breathing techniques. Pilates helps execute the body's movements with maximum power and pinpointed efficiency.

Tumbling includes cartwheels, round-offs, handsprings and flips. Dancers Edge is the only dance studio in the Triad that features a 3,000 square foot tumbling facility complete with a sprung floor, a foam pit, balance beams, uneven bars and more.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are offered to give individualized attention, to increase skill level, to give added help for competitions, or all of the above. Private lessons are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. There is always a waiting list for Private lessons, so please be certain to put in your requests early!

If you have questions about our our dance classes or Competition Teams, please call our studios or email us.

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dancers Edge Facebook Page twitter you tube email dancers edge

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